NHM Spiritual Interactive Panel— What’s the deal with Heaven and Hell?


October 8, 2023    
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


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New Hampshire Metaphysical announces a monthly new event, SIP (Spiritual Interactive Panel)! Join us as we spill the T on all sorts of spiritual topics, from what it means to be psychic to whether Heaven and Hell are real, and everything in between! Every month will cover a new topic with different panelists. Each panel will also include a Q&A session for you to join in with questions and comments.

SIP is offered to the spiritually curious for FREE as part of NHM’s commitment to bringing more love, light, and healing to the planet.

Please visit nhmetaphysical.com/calendar for more information.

October 8th:
What and where is Heaven? Hell? Do they even exist? Join our panel of spiritual teachers, healers, best-selling authors, and international speakers as we discuss do Heaven and Hell exist and if so what or where are they?

Our panelist are: Raena Wilson, Lori Powers-Otto, DDiv, Rev. Robert Menard

Hosted by Kevin Ross Emery DDiv.

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Kevin Ross Emery
Raena Wilson
Rev. Dr. Lori Powers Otto
Rev. Robert Menard

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