Digital illustration by Raena Wilson. Tree emanating light under glorious leaves, roots descending deep into the ground.

A lot of presence of the tree
Is in the roots

However tall the tree stands
It is in the roots
Where the balance, the weight,
the connection to ground and other are borne

It is easy to forget
The roots

Buried wide and deep in the underground, the underworld, the unseen underfoot
Where the seemingly unseemly critters dwell
All the while drawing nutrients from the darkness
To nourish the tree

The majesty of the tree
Is keyed in the majesty of its roots

And it is easy to forget what strengths and depths and widths of life lie in what is unseen—
In the roots

(but not that easy for this seer’s SOuLar heART ☀️❤️ been there, done that, and still following the calling 🙏🏼)

—rtw 10-25-2023

This is a first for me I think.. creating one piece of art, poetry, that is encompassing multiple messages coming through. I write this from three streams of awareness flowing in the channel; words wanting to be written:

First, I write this for all those who work in the unseen realms, integrating light and dark. They may be “Kuan Yin” types, deeply empathic people who have expanded awareness of global sorrow, who hold family, community, global level healing and compassion energy. They cannot ignore the callings driven by initiations to fiercely work through fears and pains so that they become an affirming source of life and spirit rather than staying in disconnected well-worn grooves of illusion. They may be “glass children,” or the “glue” in the circle, or the “savior” who anchors the sh!t show, the ones whose impact and presence are not felt or noticed until they are not around, who are regarded or dismissed as “devil” when they are merely the truth-sayers pointing out the devil in the details… however, they are the healing waters the fishies swim in who may generally not know they are held in water. Remember you express the strength and majesty of service to Love, and are also deserving of being seen, held, and receiving of care as well. I send this energetic embrace to you.

Second, I express the important and ecstatic work of recognizing and metabolizing the dark, integrating light and darkness, in one’s own self. The deeper and expansive the roots, the higher and wider the reach. The more satisfying sense of wholeness, integrity, and compassion for self and others. The more grounded one becomes, expanding their nervous system’s capacity to be with challenge in order to connect with spirit and heart wisdom to engage opportunities.

And third, this is an expression of the calling to listen to the ancestors, from your spiritual and genetic lineages, vibrating in your bones. There is much to reclaim there for self, other, community, nature—to re-earth, re-indigenize, re-wild and connect to your own nature that already knows how to Be in wholeness in a deeply satisfying and connected way. There is no “ascension,” nowhere to go outside of yourself to “be better,” just the realization that everything and nothing and the potential of something is altogether right here already. Knowing the art of being human more and more in order to know heart, in order to know spirit.