☼ My clients share:

I love Raena. She is incredibly intuitive and knowledgable. Every session is different but grounded. She does not offer a one-size fits all approach. Instead, it's incredibly tailored. I've done her breathwork sessions as well as a one-on-one, and I always come out of it transformed.
Madeline, MA
Raena is an impeccable healer! She uses her deep experience and profound sensitivity to help those who need it most. Over my years knowing Raena I have learned a lot from her.
Gary, MA
I wanted to drop you a note of gratitude. You’ve been beautifully supportive and have helped me see myself in a new light. I’ve struggled with “not fitting in” and being seen as being wrong or not good. … the conversations we’ve had about my situation this past year have really helped me move into a place of greater self love and understanding. I really am enjoying myself and loving myself so much more. Your journey unraveling the colonization of your roots and origins has inspired me to dig deeper in appreciating the uniqueness and brilliance of all my facets.
Thank you ✨
Jennifer, NY

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