☼ My clients share:

Raena is a true shaman - a rare combination of strength, sight, wisdom, intuition, and sensitivity. She holds a gentle and supportive space for sensing into the deeper subconscious patterns that had been inaccessible for me to unpack on my own. She is a master in peaceful navigation of what arises in each moment. I highly recommend her work to anyone on a path of self-inquiry, and transformation.
Rob, NH
I love Raena. She is incredibly intuitive and knowledgable. Every session is different but grounded. She does not offer a one-size fits all approach. Instead, it's incredibly tailored. I've done her breathwork sessions as well as a one-on-one, and I always come out of it transformed.
Madeline, MA
Raena is trained in various healing modalities and is also a conscious student of life. With her compassion, acceptance, intuition and connections to the mystic realms, she is able to help others with their life journey. Through her breathwork sessions, I personally was able to make connections where previously none were apparent.
Paul, NH

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