The Moon Always Wakes the Vision

See Wild Magic One would not journey But the moon always Wakes the vision -RTW © 2019 Contribution to community poetry project. IG @rochesterpoetrywall
Or, the Beauty of Surrendering

Surrounding hope with
The certainly uncertain,
I stop planting my feet
In well-worn grooves

Sacrificing all grips
On the uncertainly certain
I pause, a step poised over
A nebulous landscape

I know this place well
I’ve been many times before
Living a life dying
Ten-thousand deaths

To be reborn in the gifts
Of the Wild and Evolving
Remembering to Be
Forever unwrapping the Present

Defying the externalized
Dissolving the internalized
You can’t. You Won’t.

Pitchforks and torches raised at me
They taught me to grip. Tighter.
A safety and protection
Against my knowing and nature.

But the moon always
wakes the vision
I See, I Feel, I Dream
I navigate by moonlight

I Am driven to Be
My Nature
And so I inhale
And become aware

Of the rumble in my belly
That at one time
Erupted in scream
But now, it erupts in laughter

And I surround hope
With the certainly uncertain
I let my step, poised over the edge,
Fall into the abyss of faith

—RTW © 9.4.2021


I happened to be walking by a community poetry wall one day April 29, 2019. This photo was my contribution, as my heart happened to be stirred that day. I expanded on the magnetic poetry with this poem about 2 years later, as I walked more and more with The Mystery, learning deeper ways of navigating by moonlight, releasing any imposition by this society to believe that in order to succeed, you must learn. all. the. things. and know. all. the. things. But the more I moved from that mindset, the more stymied I became to be my creative force. I am one of these “women who knows”—ones who walk with The Mystery. One who allows knowing to arise from unknowing—it is a wisdom way that evokes the inner trickster. People evolve by moving into unknown landscapes—it is in this space, where there is opportunity for novel solutions to recurrent problems. And so from here, from this field of experience is where I also help people to more deeply attune to their inner landscape, their inherent Indigenous Nature aspect who already knows how to nurture connection to wholeness, and help them find ways to trust that they can resource in any moment when they listen to and feel their nature as a source of wisdom. And now feeling into this, I recall the Nahko lyric that makes me giggle with deLight and release of qi: “I am no master, I know nothin’, But I am a servant, and I know somethin’, Yeah”