Inspirited Sol Breathwork

Inspirited Sol Breathwork  with Raena Wilson

“Joy is a return to the deep harmony of body, mind, and spirit that was yours at birth and that can be yours again. That openness to love, that capacity for wholeness with the world around you, is still within you.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Breathwork is an active, body-centered meditation that is a highly effective method for accessing the core essence of yourself that innately knows how to heal, feel joy, and move in life-affirming ways given any challenge or opportunity.

Some outcomes of doing a breathwork practice include:

Deep embodied peace, love, gratitude, self-love

Growing awareness of the conditioning or unconscious drivers that have
created mental, physical, emotional blocks and pathways to release them

Relief and/or resolution of pain, anxiety, trauma or stress patterns

Increased capacity to self-regulate and co-regulate

Profound inner clarity, inspiration, direction, motivation, vitality, openness

Alignment and clearing of energy body

Deeper, more expansive states of consciousness

Revelatory experience

Connection to core inner healing and soul wisdom and their practical applications to your life

In all, this is a deep integration of body-mind-heart-spirit experience that can heal and transform your life from the inside, out. Participants are supported with a trauma-sensitive and empathic approach.

Breathwork is


My approach: 

My approach is a weaving of my experience in shamanic service, energy healing, and expressive somatic therapeutic coaching. It is neuro, sensory and trauma-informed, as well as spirit, heart, and body-informed guidance.

Raena Wilson facilitates Inspirited Sol Breathwork.

In my healing approach, I meet people at the heart of the matter presenting in the moment, in whatever dimension that may come forward: physically, intellectually, emotionally, energetically, spiritually. Any healing modalities offered is to reflect a safely supported container that opens one’s awareness to an experience of their core Self absent the conditionings of the mind, as well as an awareness of whatever has blocked their vitality. With these knowings, the healing and transformation is in being met there, while expanding the client’s capacity to be with whatever experience may arise, whether challenge or opportunity.

In breathwork groups, we begin with circle to attune to sacred space and our relationship to self, environment, and community. We then engage gentle meditative movement to tone the nervous system, accessing the body’s heart center, fluidity, and innate wisdom. Finally, we enter the breath journey.

Why “Inspirited Sol”?

in·spir·it (ĭn-spĭr′ĭt)
tr.v. in·spir·it·ed, in·spir·it·ing, in·spir·its
     To instill courage or life into. Enliven.

— Engage the power of your breath to heal, restore, and transform you from the inside out…

I have named my breathwork practice “Inspirited Sol” to give the work a container centered around facilitating and guiding contact with one’s spirit, or essence, to heal and live a fully embodied experience in alignment with one’s highest potential.

Enter the center of your Being through your Breath.

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