A Healing by Sevens


I’ve been noticing quite a lot of Sevens showing up in card spreads recently. Seven is an energy of integration and alignment of Spirit and Body overall… to see its prevalence appearing speaks to an energy of approaching transformation. And it’s interesting, because while we grow into a more expansive experience and way of being, there’s an element of the unknown, walking with the mystery, while releasing what is becoming outgrown, the known. There’s an edge there, maybe it’s not quite so comfortable being in the in-between. The old difficulties with the old ways may become louder in our experience as we try on and make our way into the new. And from an embodied perspective of resolving trauma that has held within our body experience and awareness, those pains and discomforts might signal the body and mind to feel time as “forever” and “never”: the challenges being acutely felt, the attention goes to the feeling of “forever”, and relief seeming to be always in future can evoke the sense of “never” in the trauma body. As I sit with the energies of seven, in whatever element: emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritually—or perhaps it’s hitting all areas all at once, I see the greater intelligence and gifts in motion around transformation, evolution. I honor the beauty in the challenges and feel excitement for the awesomeness that is coming. I share this message to offer connection and inspire one’s re-membering and attention to their greater process, and feel the magic of their own soul wisdom at work. Humans are made to heal. ☀️💗