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As a Shamanic Practitioner, Spiritual Healer, Guide, and Embodiment Coach, Rev. Raena Wilson supports others to express the deep callings of their Wild Soul, to walk more in the exquisite beauty of their Power, Love, and Wisdom. Modalities offered: Shamanic Vibrational Healing, Embodiment Coaching, Somatic Healing, Energy Work, Breathwork, Dreamwork, Journeywork, Intuitive Osychic Readings, Mediumship, Soul Gift Development.

Rev. Raena Wilson is a Shamanic Practitioner, Spiritual Guide, Multidimensional Energy Healer, and Embodiment Coach. She supports others to express the deep callings of their Wild Soul, to walk more in the exquisite beauty of their Power, Love, and Wisdom. She weaves her experience in shamanic service, energy work, and expressive somatic coaching to connect people to their spirit allies and core empowerment. It is neuro, sensory and trauma-informed, as well as spirit, heart, and body-informed guidance. Raena’s spirit name is T’Naiya, meaning, “She, Goddess of the Stars, who is Free to Be the Answer and Protector,” reflecting the alchemical heart journey. She shines the rays of her lifetime guides, two Queens of the Universe, Kuan Yin, “She who Hears the Sorrows of the World,” and Akilandeswari, “She who is Never Not Broken,” to facilitate compassionate connection, healing, and inspiration. She descends from Pilipino, Celtic, and Nordic roots, strongly attuned to the Indigenous callings of her pinoy ancestry and shamanic path of the Babaylan.

Her shamanic service includes: oracular channeling; mediumship with various spirit consciousness (guides, allies, ancestors, divinities, loved ones, animal, stone, plant, nature, star, etc); soul medicine and empowerment; psychic visioning and knowing; energy alignment via sound coded messages, channel, or movement; vibrational healing; energy clearing; dreamwork; embodied journeywork; breathwork; divination with tarot, stones, playing cards; astrology-based energy anatomy systems—all modalities weaving with grounded, neuro and trauma-informed, heart-centered healing processes.

Her approach is unique in the way she synergizes the mystical and the practical, sometimes with the Trickster’s playfulness, or the Tiger’s fierceness, or the Dove’s gentleness, assisting others in deepening their groundedness in multiple dimensions—their physiology in times of stress, their emotional understanding, their own intuitive gifts, in addition to their intellectual insights, in order to widen their capacity for being in challenge (and opportunity!) with the curiosity, consciousness, and compassion to allow them to increasingly move into more flexible and adaptive space enabling their personal evolution. This approach is about embodied spirituality, and supporting people to realize the natural part of themselves that already knows how to nurture connection to wholeness—through the art of being human. The deeper and resolved our roots (in breath and body, heart and spirit), the more clear connection we each have with spirit and soul to navigate everyday life.

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Raena Wilson feeling flow with the river, soaking in the sun, grounding with the stone and land.

Customized Workshops for your group or organization

I can work with you and your organization to create a workshop that promotes your community’s well-being and grounds their strengths via embodied meditation, journeywork, movement, authentic dance, breathwork, or developing somatic awareness. Contact me for information on how I can meet your organization’s needs.

Workshops customized to your organizations needs.
Workshops customized to your organizations needs.
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