Raena is a true shaman – a rare combination of strength, sight, wisdom, intuition, and sensitivity. She holds a gentle and supportive space for sensing into the deeper subconscious patterns that had been inaccessible for me to unpack on my own. She is a master in peaceful navigation of what arises in each moment. I highly recommend her work to anyone on a path of self-inquiry, and transformation.

Rob, NH

Raena is a gifted Seer. She can see into the patterns of your life and connect them to the longing and mission of your own soul, and to the universe. On multiple occasions, I have asked her to look into specific life situations of mine, and her insight has been spot on and very useful. She is open hearted and neutral and gentle in her way.

 Jim, MA

Raena gave me a reading that was multi-faceted in her approach. She used her many gifts to tap into a couple of questions that I had, and gave me so much inspiring and useful feedback! I have been to many “psychics” in my lifetime, but Raena’s gifts go way beyond the tarot card reader at the fair. She is always attuned, intouch, downloading universal information, and her accuracy is astounding. After my time with Raena, I felt so much more clear about my questions, and had some clear steps to take towards reaching my goals.

Jennifer, ME

Love the correlation between ADHD and Autism – still in awe of the information you shared. I left western med when I took a glance at my chart in 2021 and saw a long list of ‘labels’ that did not describe me in a positive light. I am ineffable – that said, you have truly enlightened me to looking at my ADHD from a totally different (& welcome) perspective.
You are a beautiful soul

Kristina, ME

I wanted to drop you a note of gratitude. You’ve been beautifully supportive and have helped me see myself in a new light. I’ve struggled with not fitting in and being seen as being wrong or not good. The conversations weve had about my situation this past year have really helped me move into a place of greater self love and understanding. I really am enjoying myself and loving myself so much more. Your journey unraveling the colonization of your roots and origins has inspired me to dig deeper in appreciating the uniqueness and brilliance of all my facets.

Thank you

Jennifer, NY

I have had the fortunate opportunity to visit Raena when I found myself in a place of being “out of sorts”. I felt stuck in life in general. Life was good, yet I was still in a funk. Raena saw this right away, and after one session I felt rejuvenated. She helped me start on the path of re-alignment. She taught me how to recognize when I needed to re-center, and taught me techniques to help. She is great at what she does, and I love going to her. She is not only good at what she does, but she is a caring person who has that special talent to be able to empathize with everyone she sees. So thankful our paths crossed.

Mary, NH

Raena is an intuitive gifted breath work facilitator and I just adore her!!

If you haven’t experienced her brand of practice I highly recommend you give it a go! I practice Kundalini which lends itself to deep Pranayama & experience but this is a whole other world!!

When I need some new inspiration or a solid reset I enjoy our meeting of the minds and our quality time together!!

Private is the way to go, I think – it’s just so you get all the focus, but you still get all the goods from a group practice too ;)!!

Either way, go see her! You won’t be disappointed!!

Jenn, MA

I love Raena. She is incredibly intuitive and knowledgable. Every session is different but grounded. She does not offer a one-size fits all approach. Instead, it’s incredibly tailored. I’ve done her breathwork sessions as well as a one-on-one, and I always come out of it transformed.

Madeline, MA

Raena is an impeccable healer! She uses her deep experience and profound sensitivity to help those who need it most. Over my years knowing Raena I have learned a lot from her.

Gary, MA

Raena is trained in various healing modalities and is also a conscious student of life. With her compassion, acceptance, intuition and connections to the mystic realms, she is able to help others with their life journey. Through her breathwork sessions, I personally was able to make connections where previously none were apparent.

Paul, NH

My experience working with Raena felt very natural. Where as most therapies I’ve participated in are conversation driven I was very happy to use drawing and movement to work towards an answer. The process felt organic and the outcome was a relief.

Lynn, ME

She is your mercy. The all encompassing lover. That which is holding, loving, and yearning to break your heart wide open. --Perla, FL

Inspirited SOL Breathwork with Raena Tala Wilson is an amazing journey into the subconscious depths of yourself... A clearing, a lightening, awareness of the bodies connection in the body - mind - spirit equation mandala we all possess. If you want to discover Breathwork with a caring-devoted-talented practitioner... see you there. --Nancy, MA

She is an awesome healer, with an innate understanding of people in general. - Joanie, MA

Your energy was wonderfully soothing. I loved how you included us in the analysis of the dreams we shared. The feedback was insightful and helped me stretch a bit while journeying further for more answers. I loved it. Thank you. - Paulette, MA

In Raena Wilson you Have the witness, the mother as carrier of all of life's wounds and the one who gives voice to those who need a voice. - E, CA

Everytime I step into a space to do healing with Raena, it's like getting into a cosmic hot springs. It's easy, powerful, healing and exactly what everyone needs. - E, CA