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As a spiritual healer and embodiment coach, Raena Wilson supports others to access, integrate, and express the deep callings of their Wild Soul, to walk more in the exquisite beauty of their Power, Love, and Wisdom.

Rev. Raena Wilson :: Spiritual Healer, Embodiment Coach :: Your Shamanic Guide

Trained and initiated by Spirit since young, Raena has learned to navigate by dreams, visions, signs, and guidance through various channels. She also trained in various holistic, vibrational, and energy healing arts, working with Peruvian and Native shaman, teachers in the lines of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and the Four Winds, priestesses, spiritual teachers and healers, as well as trained formally in trauma-informed, body-centered healing approaches, yoga dance, and life coaching. Her ancestors on her Filipina mother’s side are Ilocano and Pangasinan, from whom she has received multiple spiritual gifts of healing, channeling, seership, and multidimensional experience/travel. On her father’s side are Celtic and Norse lineages. Born and raised as a diasporic person (CA/Ah-ha Kwe-ah-mac and NH/Ndakinna, US/Turtle Island), she has always felt and followed the call of the Indigenous, sensed and remembered from deep within her bones. She is a bridge, receiving transmissions from Spirit coming forth from different archetypes, cultures, and lineages, from ancient to galactic and multidimensional, receiving their wisdom on Creation and Consciousness. She is Babaylan-inspired, or “”mystical woman”” in the Philippines—one who is at once in service as priestess, healer, counselor, sage, seer, warrior, and lifelong learner who increasingly expands her capacity to weave Divine, nature, and human consciousnesses, for peace and well-being.*

An unruly mystic whose approach has been described as gently powerful, all-encompassing, and transformative, she follows the energy and not necessarily the rules or conventional thought. She synergizes her alchemical perspective with her Universal Mother nature to help people safely unpack deep unresolved traumas, realize liberating perspectives, reveal their spiritual gifts, and reclaim their vitality.

She works vibrationally and energetically, meeting her clients where they are at with deep listening and heart-centered connection, facilitating their movement towards healing and empowerment. Right-brained, body-centered, and intuitive processes are engaged to deepen the client’s self-knowing, healing, and integration. In her interest to help others attune to their Innate Indigenous Nature—that aspect of us that inherently knows how to heal and nurture connection to wholeness—she teaches and facilitates the art of being human in order to more deeply source from soul and spirit wisdom.  

Raena is ordained through Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc., an Interfaith Ministry.

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* Definition by Marianita Girlie C. Villariba.