Multidimensional Shamanic Spiritual Guidance and Healing

Spiritual Healer . Somatic Coach . Seer . Sacred Rebel
Your Shamanic Guide

As a Shamanic Practitioner, Spiritual Healer, Guide, and Embodiment Coach, Rev. Raena Wilson supports others to express the deep callings of their Wild Soul, to walk more in the exquisite beauty of their Power, Love, and Wisdom. Modalities offered: Shamanic Vibrational Healing, Embodiment Coaching, Somatic Healing, Energy Work, Breathwork, Dreamwork, Journeywork, Intuitive Osychic Readings, Mediumship, Soul Gift Development.
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Healing, … is not a science, 
but the intuitive art of wooing nature.

WH Auden

Wherever we have a persistent unresolved tension, pain, or resistance, is where we have had an unmet need or wound that is held in our implicit body experience. These could have originated from experiences in our past, “past” lives, or are held in our energy bodies, that also includes our environment, relationships, community, and past and future generations. It may be reflected in our physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual experience. These may lie beneath our awareness to varying degrees depending on our coping strategies. They shape the beliefs that keep us in mental “noise”. They drive our choices in ways that block our vitality and draw us away from expressing our core Self—BEing our true potential.

Can you identify in any moment: What do I need? And meet it with support? Here is where to start: Pause, take a breath—for our breath is our inspiration at a fundamental level—and in order to put that into action, we must feel it. Our bodies are our instruments of sensing and moving energy. It is the closest to our knowing—a gateway into, as well as the bridge between, mind, heart, and spirit. So what do your felt senses inform you of in this moment of pause? What wants to live, to be alive, within you? To move? Is there tension? Resistance? Habit? What arises to your awareness? Empowering insights and healing pathways can be excavated when navigating your innate body, heart, and intuitive wisdom, beneath the trappings of the mind.

Access Your Inner Healer

This is how I support people: to meet them at the heart of the matter; to reflect their power of making deeper contact with their heart and spirit to heal and grow; to reflect a sacred space in which one increasingly expands their perspective and capacity, with support, to move through challenges and opportunities in life-affirming ways; to BE vibrant, creative, intuitive, whole—through the art of being human. The more we ground our human experience, the greater our awareness and ability to adapt, the more we source from our spirit and soul wisdom, living an embodied spiritual life—one that attunes us to our inner Indigenous nature that nurtures our connection to wholeness.

Guidance and Connection

Play is my work. Work is my play. I discover treasures where others find nothing unusual. I follow the authentic energy, and not necessarily the “rules”—I midwife the moment. I find deep beauty in what most would find “ugly” and would rather avoid. I will catch what the conventional eye misses because I have walked with a foot in two worlds since young: the Ordinary and the extraordinary Non-Ordinary. I nurture Nature. I nurture your Nature. I’m interested in the ways connection heals and empowers. How kindness and compassionate acceptance offered to the inner child and shadow—no matter how unruly or dark one may feel it to be—embracing humanity with heart and spirit, sometimes with the fierceness of the Tigress, and sometimes with the softness of the Dove, are where transformation is sparked. I am enlivened and encouraged in witnessing another’s process towards an ah-HA! moment, touching and grounding their gifts and power, healing. The joy unleashed there is like the Sun, inspiring, shared. I cannot not do what I do, what Spirit drives me to dance, what my Soul and Ancestors and Guides are calling from me on behalf of Self, Other, Community, Nature, and the Divine.

Modalities I pull from as the synergy of the moment dictates: shamanism, energy healing, dreamwork, breathwork, journeywork, visioning, intuitive readings, astrological-based esoteric systems, storytelling, expressive movement and arts, yoga dance, somatic coaching, and trauma-informed body-centered processes. Any teachings and healing modalities offered is to reflect a safely supported container that opens one’s awareness to an experience of their core Self beneath the conditionings of the mind, as well as an awareness of whatever has blocked their vitality and pathways to BE with it towards reclaiming Self. Read more about my services. »

I offer heart-centered connection and facilitation. I’m with you, however you may show up, whatever may need to move: emotion, energy, mind, body, towards your clarity, gifts, and empowerment.

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Shamanic Energy Healing and Breathwork with Raena Wilson

shaman,shamanic,spiritual,healer,guide,energy,embodiment,somatic,trauma recovery,neurodivergent support,multidimensional,guidance,healing,support,coach,neurodivergent,affirming,connect

Customized Workshops for your group or organization

I can work with you and your organization to create a workshop that promotes your community’s well-being and grounds their strengths via embodied meditation, journeywork, movement, authentic dance, breathwork, or developing somatic awareness. Contact me for information on how I can meet your organization’s needs.

Workshops customized to your organizations needs.
Workshops customized to your organizations needs.
shaman,shamanic,spiritual,healer,guide,energy,embodiment,somatic,trauma recovery,neurodivergent support,multidimensional,guidance,healing,support,coach,neurodivergent,affirming,connect