Connect with my energy and learn more about myself or my approach via these media spots in which I had the opportunity to appear.

02-27-24 :: Angelscapes Podcast with Nancy Smith

Rev. Raena Wilson discusses the concept of glimmers on Angelscapes Podcast with Nancy Smith.

I sit down with Nancy Smith of Angelscapes to talk about understanding and cultivating glimmers—those nourishing joyful moments that are the opposite of triggers. How joy can be included as a support in healing, from a weaving of both somatic and shamanic points of views. We also talked a bit about what it is to be in deep listening and what attuned connection looks like in supportive relationships, while exploring process over product—that sometimes the goal is simply the natural and satisfying outcome of being 𝓲𝓷 process! rather than willfully commanding it through intellectual effort and checking off a box. It was definitely a deLightful time!

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08-08-22 :: Practitioner Interview

I sit with spiritual catalyst, Kevin Ross Emery, for a fun interview during the Lions Gate Portal, as part of a recent project, describing the work I do as a practitioner.

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08-11-22 :: The Dr. Kevin Show on OMTimes Radio

Tune in as I chat with spiritual catalyst, Dr. Kevin on The Dr. Kevin Show about the path of healing through embodied spirit. As I weave and dance between spirit and somatic processes, I share with Dr. Kevin a sampling of my Chiron Key Readings which will give spiritual key pointers found in one’s astrological and energy anatomy towards their empowered embodied healing.

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03-21-21 :: WOL Speaker Series, You Gotta Have HEART

I was delighted to present an embodiment journey, Having Heart, as part of spiritual catalyst, Dr. Kevin‘s Web of Light Expo Speaker Series, a series of support for thriving in challenging times. This 45 minute movement meditation journey touches upon energy clearing, self-attunement, somatic expression, and self-energy healing.

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03-13-20 :: The Intuitive Body and Soul

Joan Turner, intuitive and founder and host of TIBS TV, invited me to appear on her TV show, The Intuitive Body & Soul, to share a bit about my work as a spiritual healer.

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