☀️ Ecstatic Living

Ecstatic Living

Do you know what this life is?—ecstatic. Or, it can be, the closer one comes to connecting with their inner nature.

And what do I mean by “ecstatic”? —It is not the typical association people connect with that word for me—one of extreme, overwhelming and intense joy.

Ecstasy to me is a bit broader: it is the pure life force energy of any feeling, wherever it lands in the spectrum of human experience: grief, anger, sadness, happiness, joy… it has the element of surrender, releasing identification with the experience, so that the feeling moves its pure life force energy through the body and heart—and that movement is divinely connected to our spirit when it is a grounded or supported experience that helps guide us towards alignment with our highest Being.

This shamanic path shows me every day how to be in ecstasy through developing skills of attending with intention, attunement, feeling with awareness, being in an integrative process that expands consciousness and nervous system capacity with deep listening and heart.