Connect with my energy and learn more about myself or my approach via these media spots in which I had the opportunity to appear. ☀️

Lions Gate Practitioner Interview


I sit with spiritual catalyst, Dr. Kevin, for a fun interview during the Lions Gate Portal, as part of a recent project, describing the work I do as a practitioner.



Raena Wilson appearance on OMTimes The Dr. Kevin Show


Tune in as I chat with spiritual catalyst, Dr. Kevin on The Dr. Kevin Show about the path of healing through embodied spirit. As I weave and dance between spirit and somatic processes, I share with Dr. Kevin a sampling of my Chiron Key Readings—which will give spiritual key pointers found in one’s astrological and energy anatomy towards their empowered embodied healing.


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Web Of Light Speaker Series


I was delighted to present an embodiment journey, Having Heart, as part of spiritual catalyst, Dr. Kevin’s Web of Light Expo Speaker Series, a series of support for thriving in challenging times. This 45 minute movement meditation journey touches upon energy clearing, self-attunement, somatic expression, and self-energy healing.

Access Movement Meditation Class Now. ($25

Scroll down to find my movement meditation offering among the many fabulous speakers presenting as part of this expo.


WOL Speajer Series, You Gotta Have HEART




The Intuitive Body & Soul with Joan Turner


Joan Turner, intuitive and founder and host of TIBS TV, invited me to appear on her TV show, The Intuitive Body & Soul, to share a bit about my work as a spiritual healer.

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 TIBS TV appearance.