‘Inner Light, outer Shine’ Art by Raena Wilson, sunrae-artworks.comThank you for your interest in a private session. An inner calling to connect with me already indicates a healing resonance between us. :)

The work is based on what arises within relationship and is not based on any set curriculum or ritualized practices. My interest is in guiding one towards empowerment through self-attunement. We will follow the opportunity of the moment, based on how the client presents in session.

My approach is deep listening and facilitation through any combination of visioning and vibrational practices, dream work, oracular work, breath work, meditation, somatic inquiry and dialog, subtle energy healing, storytelling, conscious movement, and expressive arts and movement. Right-brained, body-centered, and intuitive processes are engaged to deepen the client's self-knowing, healing, and integration.


• Discovery and reflection of insights unique to you and your path
• Healings of any cellular holdings of trauma within any of your body, heart, mind fields
• Release of any patterns of stress or pain
• Deeper integration and connection to your intuition
• More flexibility to be free from hooks, triggers, and blocks
• Increased capacity to express your gifts and truth
• More energy to live into what has meaning for you!


Who generally comes to see me:
• People with an inner calling to “something more”
• Empaths and Highly Sensitive People
• Creatives, caregivers, and healers
• People who need a witness and connection to their “other-worldliness” and the gifts that come with that
• People with chronic pain

• People with persistent dissociation
• People with persistent dysregulation due to sensory processing differences, stress, or trauma
People who want movement—change—in their lives to bring forth their vibrant, creative spirit


How I can help:
• Somatic coaching—Embodiment and Integrative healing 
• Shamanic Healing, Clearing, and Visioning   
• Vibrational and 
Subtle Energy Healing, Alignment 
• Inspirited Sol Breathwork
• Shamanic Dreamwork, Journeywork
• Conscious and Expressive Movement, Expressive Arts processes
• Intuitive readings, Oracular work, and Channeling on your behalf
• Design & Destiny readings—my own synergy of Cardology, Human Design, and Gene Keys to astrologically understand your blueprint, energy anatomy, and how to meet opportunities and challenges in life
 Practical Empowerment—Guidance to be your own shaman, teaching self-attunement, and engaging your senses, imaginings, intuition—your sense of magic and the mythic—to develop and express your soul gifts


This work is compassionately trauma-informed, sensory/neuro-informed, heart-informed, and spirit-informed. It is multidimensional. Part of the magic of this process is that we navigate it from your own innate energy, body, and intuitive wisdom. If you are someone with a willingness and curiosity to be with your resistances and a desire to create movement in your life, to more deeply feel your life, I can support you.





Rates are:

$40 for 15min

$70 for 30min

$125 for 60min

$188 for 90min

$250 for 2 hours

* Design & Destiny readings add $95 to the rate for time spent outside of session drawing up and synergizing charts from Human Design, Gene Keys, and Cardology. 

Sessions can be scheduled for an hour, 90 minutes, or 2 hours. Readings can be scheduled for 30 minutes, or an hour. Private breath work sessions can be scheduled for 90 minutes or 2 hours. Private group breath work sessions for up to 6 people are available at a location provided by you for $250 for 2 hours, plus travel fee; each additional person is $45. For a more intensive experience, multiple hour slots can be scheduled at the hourly rate. Packages over a period of time where a focus can be customized to your life situation can be requested. Class fees are as posted in my event listings. » ☑ Read Registration & Booking Terms of Service. »

Sessions are in Dover NH, Berwick ME, or by video call.



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☼ My clients share:

Raena is a true shaman - a rare combination of strength, sight, wisdom, intuition, and sensitivity. She holds a gentle and supportive space for sensing into the deeper subconscious patterns that had been inaccessible for me to unpack on my own. She is a master in peaceful navigation of what arises in each moment. I highly recommend her work to anyone on a path of self-inquiry, and transformation.
Rob, NH
I have had the fortunate opportunity to visit Raena when I found myself in a place of being "out of sorts". I felt stuck in life in general. Life was good, yet I was still in a funk. Raena saw this right away, and after one session I felt rejuvenated. She helped me start on the path of re-alignment. She taught me how to recognize when I needed to re-center, and taught me techniques to help. She is great at what she does, and I love going to her. She is not only good at what she does, but she is a caring person who has that special talent to be able to empathize with everyone she sees. So thankful our paths crossed.
Mary, NH
Raena is an intuitive gifted breath work facilitator and I just adore her!! If you haven’t experienced her brand of practice I highly recommend you give it a go! I practice Kundalini which lends itself to deep Pranayama & experience but this is a whole other world!! When I need some new inspiration or a solid reset I enjoy our meeting of the minds and our quality time together!! Private is the way to go, I think - it’s just so you get all the focus, but you still get all the goods from a group practice too ;)!! Either way, go see her! You won’t be disappointed ★★★  
Jenn, MA

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