‘Inner Light, outer Shine’ Art by Raena Wilson, sunrae-artworks.com


Thank you for your interest in a private session. An inner calling to connect with me already indicates a healing resonance between us. :)

The work is based on what arises within relationship and is not based on any set curriculum or ritualized practices. My interest is in guiding one towards empowerment through self-attunement. We will follow the opportunity of the moment, based on how the client presents in session.

My approach is deep listening and facilitation through any combination of visioning and vibrational practices, dream work, oracular work, breath work, meditation, somatic inquiry and dialog, subtle energy healing, conscious movement, and expressive arts and movement. Right-brained, body-centered, and intuitive processes are engaged to deepen the client's self-knowing, healing, and integration.

Rates: Sessions are $100 per hour. Sessions can be scheduled for an hour, 90min, or 2 hours. Private breath work sessions can be scheduled for 90min or 2 hours. Private group breath work sessions for up to 6 people are available at a location provided by you for $250 for 2 hours; each additional person is $35. Class fees are as posted in my event listings. 

Sessions are in Dover NH, Berwick ME, or by video call. Sometimes I travel to clients, and an additional charge may apply based on travel to locations not local to me.



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