Somatic Meditation and Somato-Shamanic Journeywork Groups
“Having Heart” Photography by Raena Wilson,

Connect with your Inner Healer, your inherent Indigenous nature that implicitly knows how to nurture connection to wholeness. In these groups, we follow the Self as a process, allowing the body’s intelligence to emerge through deep listening, sensing, intention, attention, and expression. Deepen awareness of your inner experience and your personal vocabulary for attunement through intuitive movement processes. Establish a clear felt sense of connectedness with inner rhythm and flow, intuition. Weave energy wisdom into your every day experience. Transform your relationship to mind and any chronic tensions, identifying less with the “noise” and including more satisfying experience with Self in connection—inner and outer. Develop pathways for expanding your capacity to be with challenges and walk more with liberated peace and joyful well-being in everyday life. 


Somatic Meditation

Access breath and body, heart and spirit with gentle inquiry-based movement processes to mine gems of understanding how tension lives within your body and developing pathways of release for support and well-being. No previous experience in movement or meditative forms required. You have all you need within your breath and body, heart and spirit. Bring your curiosity and willingness to play intuitively and explore in your sensuous, breathing body.

 “Meditative Movement” Photography by Raena Wilson,  “Meditative Movement” Photography by Raena Wilson,  “Meditative Movement” Photography by Raena Wilson,


Somato-Shamanic JourneyworkRaena Wilson, T’Naiya Shamanic Drum

Excavate body-centered wisdom, woven with shamanic energy work and visioning for healing and empowerment wisdom you can use to navigate your life path. No previous experience in movement or meditative forms required. You have all you need within your breath and body, heart and spirit. Bring your curiosity and willingness to dream intuitively and explore the nature of energy wisdom in your body.





Shake Your Soul® The Yoga of Dance/Kripalu Yogadance“Shake Your Soul/Kripalu Yogadance” Photography by Raena Wilson,

Engage your fluid and alive nature to awaken your joy and energy. Every body is a dancer! Shake Your Soul yogadance is informed by expressive movement and arts, conscious movement, modern and ethnic dance, qi gong, yogic and somatic principles. We create a sacred intentional space to unleash your creativity and soul wisdom through guided qualities of movement, encouraging you, your heart, your body and BEing to freely express yourself through dance. No previous or formal movement experience is necessary. 



My Movement Groups Approach

My approach is a weaving of my experience in shamanic service, energy healing, and somatic coaching. I teach and facilitate the art of BEing human in order to more deeply source from soul and spirit wisdom. It is neuro, sensory and trauma-informed, as well as spirit, heart, and body-informed guidance. In movement, I also include my background as a modern and jazz dancer for over 25 years; certified Shake Your Soul, The Yoga of Dance/Kripalu Yogadance Teacher; Conscious Movement; Expressive Movement and Arts; Contact Improvisation; and more recent practices of Qigong, Tai chi, and Push Hands; all informing my experience in weaving body mechanics, how energy moves in the body, and how to integrate consciousness, awareness, with how life moves. It is my highest interest to help others attune to their inherent Indigenous Nature—that aspect of us that knows how to heal and nurture connection to wholeness.


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☼ My clients share:

Raena is a gifted Seer. She can see into the patterns of your life and connect them to the longing and mission of your own soul, and to the universe. On multiple occasions, I have asked her to look into specific life situations of mine, and her insight has been spot on and very useful. She is open hearted and neutral and gentle in her way.
Jim, MA
Raena is an intuitive gifted breath work facilitator and I just adore her!! If you haven’t experienced her brand of practice I highly recommend you give it a go! I practice Kundalini which lends itself to deep Pranayama & experience but this is a whole other world!! When I need some new inspiration or a solid reset I enjoy our meeting of the minds and our quality time together!! Private is the way to go, I think - it’s just so you get all the focus, but you still get all the goods from a group practice too ;)!! Either way, go see her! You won’t be disappointed ★★★  
Jenn, MA
Raena is an impeccable healer! She uses her deep experience and profound sensitivity to help those who need it most. Over my years knowing Raena I have learned a lot from her.
Gary, MA

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