With trauma-informed mind-body-spirit-emotional healing and coaching approaches, I am here to support your trusting and knowing of yourself, to facilitate your healing where we navigate from your innate wisdom, connecting to what is clear, true, and core for you in your life path.“Connect” Photography by Raena Wilson, sunrae-artworks.com


My sessions can be a combination of:  

Shamanic Healing or Coaching

Vibrational healing

Energy healing 

Soul Retrieval



Clearing energy of people or places

Mediating between spirit/subtle realm and ordinary/waking realm on your behalf

Teaching you to be your own shaman, self-attunement

Embodiment/Somatic Healing/Trauma Recovery Coaching

Resolve stored stress or chronic tensions held within any of your fields 

Address any challenge or opportunity that is up for you in the moment

Experiential practice and healing through somatic dialogue and inquiry

Expressive movement and arts to attune to your inner wisdom

Tone your nervous system

Increased capacity to regulate nervous system

Expand your capacity to be with challenges and opportunitties

Become more embodied, intuitive

Resource your innate body and energy wisdom


A private and personal in-depth session of Inspirited Sol Breathwork to process whatever may be impacting your life. Come away with deep clarity and vitality.


A private and personal in-depth session of Shamanic Dreamwork to process a dream and how it may pertain to navigating your life. Come away with practical applications to your life. 



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☼ My clients share:

Raena is a true shaman - a rare combination of strength, sight, wisdom, intuition, and sensitivity. She holds a gentle and supportive space for sensing into the deeper subconscious patterns that had been inaccessible for me to unpack on my own. She is a master in peaceful navigation of what arises in each moment. I highly recommend her work to anyone on a path of self-inquiry, and transformation.
Rob, NH
Raena is an intuitive gifted breath work facilitator and I just adore her!! If you haven’t experienced her brand of practice I highly recommend you give it a go! I practice Kundalini which lends itself to deep Pranayama & experience but this is a whole other world!! When I need some new inspiration or a solid reset I enjoy our meeting of the minds and our quality time together!! Private is the way to go, I think - it’s just so you get all the focus, but you still get all the goods from a group practice too ;)!! Either way, go see her! You won’t be disappointed ★★★  
Jenn, MA
She is your mercy. The all encompassing lover. That which is holding, loving and yearning to break your heart wide open.
Perla, FL

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