“Mistery” Photography by Raena Wilson, sunrae-artworks.com


I serve as an oracle priestess as well as shamanic medium. Both of these descriptions describe someone who opens their vessel and becomes the embodiment of wisdom, transmitting it; “shamanic” adds the element of interactive relationship with varying dimensions of consciousness—spirits—across nature, the divine, the cosmos, allies, ancestors, ancients, masters, guides, guardians, archetypes, “past” lives, souls incarnated or not, etc. The approach I use is based on what presents in relationship with the client in the moment and how guidance comes forth. Some tools I use are tarot, oracle deck, cartomancy, lithomancy, bibliomancy, scrying, drumming, or just straight visioning and channeling as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant intuitive. Whichever channels are activated are the ones that meet the moment. I also offer channeled and guided insights from a synergy reading of cardology, Human Design, and Gene Keys, which are based on your astrological information.


When scheduling, choose from:

Psychic reading

Journey divination—I drum and dream on your behalf, stalking the answer to one or two of your questions. I can also lead you into your own dream, empowering you to participate in the journey through your own gifts.


Or, from your cardology, Human Design, and Gene Keys:

Pearl reading to understand the core gift of the universe you are here
to express, keys to unlocking the “Yes” in your life

Inner child healing keys and guidance; combine with shamanic/somatic
healing and coaching
to integrate the healing and empowerment

Key strategies for aligning your energy fields and
navigating life’s challenges and opportunities
based on your energy anatomy

Keys to your path, evolving and growing your awareness
based on your energy anatomy

Personal energy forecasts given a specific time or date,
which can be useful for planning




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