Spider Crossing… 🕷️

I intentionally made space this morning for a slow luxurious meditative transition through waking, allowing and sensing gravity, soaking sun’s rays pouring in… it’s been a pretty intensive week. And then I kept feeling a soft tickle. I brushed at it several times, but figured with my ceiling fan going, it was just a breeze crossing slightly more strongly. Until the breezy tickle transferred from my leg to my fingers—and then wiggled! 😅 I quickly dropped whatever fuzzy alive thing happened there, breath a bit quickened lol. I put on my glasses for a better look, and here this big little being was. Eek! So glad I didn’t get bit this time! Spider bites are awful. They weren’t in a hurry, so I sat with their seeming docileness, noticing those cute fuzzy antennae. More friendly energy than I have met before in a spider. After a bit, kitty also got curious, so I grabbed a mug and paper to usher them out of the window.

So, now I’m up and alert. 😆 My attention is now on how Spider signals the wisdom of walking across abysses, the unknown and unformed, weaving the landscape beneath them as they go. Today is a day for creating. 😜☀️