Raena Wilson, Spiritual Healer and Somatic Coach


As a spiritual healer, Rev. Raena Wilson supports others to access, integrate, and express the deep callings of their Wild Soul, to walk more in the exquisite beauty of their Power, Love, and Wisdom.

Trained and initiated by Spirit since young, she has learned to navigate by dreams, visions, signs, and guidance through various channels. She also trained in various holistic, vibrational, and energy healing arts, working with Peruvian and Native American shaman, teachers in the lines of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and the Four Winds, priestesses, spiritual teachers and healers, as well as trained formally in trauma-informed, body-centered healing approaches, yoga dance, and life coaching. She is babaylan-inspired—or "mystical woman" in the Philippines—one who serves multiply as priestess, healer, counselor, sage, seer, warrior, and lifelong learner who increasingly expands her capacity to weave Divine, nature, and human consciousnesses, to create peace and well-being.

She works vibrationally and energetically, meeting her clients where they are at with deep listening and heart-centered connection, facilitating their movement towards healing. Her approach is any combination of visioning and vibrational practices, dream work, channeling/oracular work, breath work, meditation, somatic inquiry and dialog, subtle energy healing, conscious movement, and expressive arts and movement. Right-brained, body-centered, and intuitive processes are engaged to deepen the client's self-knowing, healing, and integration.